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Sometimes, a Great Bathroom Makes the Venue

on February 26, 2013

I am the first to admit that I hate public restrooms and over the years, I have begun to realize just how much I appreciate a fantastic bathroom or even a decent one in public places. I especially I appreciate a good one in the places you least expect, like dive bars. My friends make fun of me for my bathroom fixation, but I now have everyone on the look out for good public restrooms. I literally have friends checking out bathrooms all over the world. So, when I end up in a place that looks kinda junky and there happens to be a nice bathroom, I am so happy. I really am a sucker for establishments with good bathrooms.

Along with my love for nice bathrooms, I am strangely keen to total dives. Generally speaking, dives are not known for their bathroom cleanliness…And then there is Santa Barbara. Don’t get me wrong, we have plenty of dives and plenty of awful public restrooms, but I have put together a list of places, the ladies can be pleasantly surprised with the bathrooms. Men, I can’t really help with this one, but would love to know if the guys bathrooms are nice too.

As much as I love me some local everything, just because the establishment rocks, does not mean that their restroom is awesome. So, I decided to make a list of a few local spots, mostly restaurants, a few bars and even a public restroom where, if you find yourself having to go to the restroom, let’s hope you are near one of these spots…you may just happen to find your next face Santa Barbara Spot.

So, if you find your place near these neighbors, you may just find your new fave spot or bathroom…

Downtown Santa Barbara (below Micheltorena and State):

1. PUBLIC restroom next to Marshall’s

2. The Sportsman

3.The Pickle Room (right next to Three Pickles – who have awesome sammiches!)

4. Nordstrom

5. Sanford Winery (also great for some local wine – come on the tour and find out what makes them so special!)

6. Renaud’s (both locations)

7. Killer Shrimp (Killer all day Happy Hour also!)

The Mesa

8. The Cliff Room

Upper State Area (above Micheltorena)

9. Just off State Street – De La Vina: Jimbo’s (that bar, across from Edomasa, that you have driven by 100 times and never knew it’s name)

10. Upper State: Uptown Lounge

Funk Zone:

11. The Lark (great food and drink too)

12. The Fish House

Random Awesome Bathroom

13, Santa Barbara Zoo (I know you don’t believe me, but seriously, great bathrooms, great zoo)

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