Please ready instructions very carefully…You Do Not Want to Miss a Single Step

Congratulations on receive a really awesome gift certificate and now getting to redeem it for some more awesome! Fist bump to whomever purchased it for you!

Let’s get started, first, please fill out the information to your right. Make sure that all of your information is correct, if we don’t have the correct information, we may not be able to tour you and that would be sad. If you have a gift certificate for more than just you, we would really prefer that each person fills out their own forms, so then you won’t get in trouble for not knowing your girlfriend (or boyfriend) is a vegetarian or worse has a food allergy you didn’t know about.

Once you have accurately filled out the information to your right, please allow 2-3 days to process and confirm your gift certificate via email.

Please enter your top 2 tour days, when choosing tour dates, please reserve your spot(s) at least 3 days in advance, we only have room for a few gift certificate go-ers at a time. of the days per tour. Once you have given us your top three tour options, we will confirm your tour date via email. In this exciting email, you will not only be confirmed, but you will also be given the meeting location AND the end location, parking location details and some other cool top secret info that only tour participants receive. Oh and when you come on the tour, you will get some super cool and exclusive coupons for some very delicious local eatery and drinkeries that are only available to our tour peeps.

Please note, that once you schedule your tour date, it is non-changeable and non-refundable.

We ask all of our tour participants to please arrive to the meeting location 15 minutes early and to please, please, please specify any food allergies, so that we can accommodate everyone.

All tastings (plus tips for the restaurants) are included in your tour, please bring extra cash for anything you may want to purchase after the tour (no actual shopping permitted on the tours, but we do welcome and promote EYE SHOPPING). All tour guides graciously accept gratuities at the end of the tour – think of them like bartenders or baristas, you can’t help but want to top our guides.

Thank you and we look forward to tasting with you!