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The Review topic has been a big one lately. Do you give reviews? Do you write them for good service? Bad Service? Any Service? Do you read reviews? Where do you go for your reviews? Until I was a business owner, I was not great about writing reviews, good or bad. Sometimes I would use Yelp….

What’s for Dinner? Probably Sushi.

Sushi. Raw fish. Rolls. Rice. Seaweed. Cucumber Salads. Raw fish on crunchy rice. Rice. Ginger. Wasabi. Soy Sauce. Ponzu. Eel Sauce. Edamame. Miso. Green Tea Ice Cream. Mochi. Fried Green Tea Ice Cream. Oh my. (Sushi credits from right to left, yep, keeping ya on your toes: Sakana, Montecito, Fujiya, Camarillo and someplace in Vegas…

I wrote and published an article once

intEmailMore Look what I wrote:

Brophy’s is taking over SB and maybe the world

Even if you are not from Santa Barbara, you have probably heard of Brophy Bros. They are an old time establishment known for the great location, right on the water, strong poor and great clam chowder. They are so popular, they don’t even need to offer a happy hour. A few years ago they opened another Brophy Bros. in Ventura, CA also rght on the water, they started off a little slower and now are killing it. Breaking news, the Bennet Family (who owns the restaurant) have bought four new locations in Santa Barbara Proper. Can’t wait to see what they do with my fave dive bar, the CLiff Room, Downtown Arch Rock FIsh (not a bad bathroom), the new location on state street (which was previously Maggie’s and before that it was State & A) and Farm Boy (I…

Sometimes, a Great Bathroom Makes the Venue

I am the first to admit that I hate public restrooms and over the years, I have begun to realize just how much I appreciate a fantastic bathroom or even a decent one in public places. I especially I appreciate a good one in the places you least expect, like dive bars. My friends make fun of me for my bathroom fixation, but I now have everyone on the look out for good public restrooms. I literally have friends checking out bathrooms all over the world. So, when I end up in a place that looks kinda junky and there happens to be a nice bathroom, I am so happy. I really am a sucker for establishments with good bathrooms. Along with my love for nice bathrooms, I am strangely keen to total dives. Generally speaking, dives are not known…

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