Who Created Taste SBFT?

The owner & creator of Taste Santa Barbara Food Tours aka Taste SBFT, Evan Elizabeth Schoolnik has always had a love of food, talking and talking about food. People have always asked her for restaurant and cooking ideas. Never did she ever think she would create a business out of these talents. So, basically, Taste Santa Barbara Food Tours was in existence before it was ever an official company.

A brief history of how Taste SBFT came to be:

In 2013, Evan’s cousins Erin Eubank of Taste of Catalina Food Tours was putting her business together…Evan, also being a foodie was told about the idea and thought it was clever, but didn’t really think she too would be getting herself into her own business. The foodie family (especially Evan’s mom, Stosh) gently (and not so gently) encouraged Evan to consider creating a tour in her home town of Santa Barbara and she kind of brushed it off, it wasn’t the right time. A few months passed, a whole lot change occurred and all of a sudden the light bulb went off in Evan’s head, that now was the time to just do it and the rest is history.

The Mission of Taste Santa Barbara Food Tours aka Taste SBFT’s:

The mission is pretty simple: Eat. Play. Love. Local.

We have a whole lot of fun, share some awesome Santa Barbara history, culture and architecture and help people explore new and old awesome local restaurants and watering holes. We want you to really get to see with your own eyes and experience the love within the community (it sounds cheezy, but it is totally true) and just how much Santa Barbarians support one another.

Where has Taste SBFT been all my life?

Taste Santa Barbara Food Tours aka Taste SBFT officially launched in the spring of 2014 (Evan has been unofficial conducting tours her entire life and didn’t even realize it). The company is locally owned and operated and is, well, all about having fun, educating and keeping it local. Eat. Play. Love. Local.



If and when you find yourself in Catalina, you have got to check out Erin’s Taste of Catalina Food Tours! Tell her that her cousin Evan (the girl) sent you!