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About Taste Santa Barbara Food Tours


The Taste SBFT team all share our love for SB, celebrating local businesses, food, wine, people and fun! We have a passion for sharing our stories and showing people around. On our tours we combine a fun mix of food, drinks (with and without alcohol), Santa Barbara history, culture and architecture. We love to introduce our guests to new and old spots.

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Evan was born and raised in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. She has always loved all things food, feeding people and Santa Barbara. She also loves to introduce everyone to everything she loves. Along with SB and food, Evan adores her two daughters, dogs, husband and all things sparkly.


This is your awesome team of culinary guides. We love leading guests on culinary and historical adventures! We look forward to tasting with you!

Nancy Palmer Tour Guide Extraordinaire

Nancy has lived in Santa Barbara for over 15 years (she actually lives in Carp). Originally from Dallas, TX & moved to SB as soon as she could.

Nancy loves food, swimming & all things SB! She also loves dogs and her grand babies.

Nancy’s favorite food right now are the chicken burrito from Los Arroyos and the Chicken Piccata from The Chase. Fun fact about Nancy, she  used to hate Brussels Sprouts but has become a recent convert, specifically from The Chase and M Kitchen found inside M Special.

When Nancy isn’t leading tours she can be found eating, walking her dog, babysitting her grandkids, playing Pickle Ball or volunteering with Food Bank Santa Barbara.

Linda Luber Tour Guide Aficionado

An East Coast Native of the Philadelphia area, Linda has been visiting Santa Barbara for over 20 years before finally becoming a resident in 2012.

Linda’s extensive travel throughout Europe enhanced her love for the arts, architecture, as well as her knowledge of exquisite food and wine; which, she also discovered by wondering curiosity, is so plentiful in Santa Barbara.

When Linda is not guiding tours, she enjoys outdoor activities in our beautiful city where the mountains meet the ocean and all the cultural experiences that Santa Barbara offers.


Georgia is our newest guide and a California native and a UCSB graduate. She loves Santa Barbara and was a history teacher. She lived in Sherborn, Massachusetts (near Wellesley, 20 miles west of Boston) and after retiring, she kept her love of history alive by doing research for the historical society AND she was a tour guide on the Freedom Trail! (how cool is that?!)

While Georgia and her family lived in MA, she kept herself very busy with three kids and was an elected member of the School Board for many years, chair of two school building projects, President of the League of Women Voters, Girl Scout l leader/area coordinator, church deacon/Sunday school coordinator.

Now in her spare time she loves to research history, explore SB and eat bon bons – just kidding, she loves McConnell’s Ice Cream!

Melody Tauchman Tour Guide Extraordinaire

California native and 25-year Santa Barbara local, Melody has spent her career in travel and tourism. Melody is charismatic and fun, also an avid food, wine and Santa Barbara lover!

Maddy Bascom Tour Guide Extraordinaire

Originally from Nor Cal, Maddy has made her home in Santa Barbara for the last 28 years. Her background is in high-end catering & event design. She is as enamored now with SB as the day she arrived.

Brittany Searl Currently on sabbatical

Born in Upstate NY & moved to SB over 6 years ago. Brittany is a vibrant artist, a foodie, a math genius & most importantly a lover of all things SB. You may also see her pouring wine at Cebada Wines!

Mike Wazowski Chief Executive Officer

Wazowski is the fur behind the foodie lady. Loving food almost as much as his mom, he supports her every step of the way.

Atticus Sparticus Chief Financial Officer

Atticus Sparticus is quite the whiz with numbers. He too is a foodie and supports Evan every step of the way.

Herb Rousso The Grandfather of Evan

Evan owes a lot of her sophisticated taste buds to this man, mostly because his daughter, Evan’s mom has a pretty darn good taste in food. This guy just turned 96.

Penelope Grace & Piper Joy Lennon Tour Guides in training

Tour guides in training. They generally are not on tours, because let’s face it, they are wild but they are sometimes spotted out in the wild.